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Do Download Links Work?

Things About the Download

Greetings our visitors, today we have decided to make everything clear about the download links since we saw that this cause some of the players to be confused and they download malicious programs to their computers. Always avoid from downloading stuff which you are not sure about what they are. Internet may be a dangerous place in case you do not know what you are doing.

The download links allow you to download the mods but not the game itself. However these are no developed mods yet and all of the download links may contain some programs that can damage your computer or stole your personal information from your web browsers. Most of the websites also use the download term in order to draw traffic to their websites. This is why if the website you visit is not about the game, it will be better for you to leave there without wasting more time.

The download link will offer you to play on private servers where there will be many players who will be playing on those servers in order to take the advantage of the hacks. We have been closely following the mods on behalf of our visitors but there are not any worthy download links on the internet.

We have found some download links but most of the contains malware and those who allow you to play on private servers do not offer you any hacks and this is why they do not have enough players to compete. Keep following us for the mods, we will publish them soon.


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