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It seems like we all were looking for a new game to become addicted to it and here is our chance; the which is the new trend in the online browser based games. We played and tested the game on behalf of you in order to provide a review however it took our 3 hours in order to say stop to ourselves. It is highly addictive and in the event that you used to love game then you have a tendency to this

The game is geniously designed and you can easily think that it is the new version of the slither game which broke many records on the gaming world where they are almost impossible to beaten in the close future. You will play as a snake in the game again and try to grow in size by collecting the foods on the maps or the remainings of the other snakes who are other players from all around the worl by eliminating them.



Most of the gaming logic of is same with the slither game however you have three additional skills which makes the game much more fun when compared with the older version, i.e., game. One of these is the speed skill where you can speed up by using this skill however you will lose some of your parts in when you speed up.

In addition to these you can stop your snake for a limited time in game as well as you can make your snake invisible where you will not be eliminated whenever you touch any other snake in the game while you are invisible in game.

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