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As the game is speading rapidly among the gaming world and getting the attention of the most players many developers began to develop unblocked versions where you can have unlimited features in line with the additions of the developers such as all free skins. It is one of the great ways to get more fun from the game and spend better time. However keep in mind that you can be addicted to the game and it is much more addictive when compared with its older version,

Most of the people search the phrase of unblocked in order to play on private servers with additional features that are not actually available on the original game such as zoom hacks and much more. However there are no any unblocked servers on the internet for now since the game is very new.

We found few unblocked servers but when we check them we saw that there is lag problems which makes the game very difficult to play as well as these unblocked servers do not offer any feature more than some skins. It is not a wise move to play on a laggy game just to change the color of your snake in unblocked servers.

However we are in touch with many developers and in line with the information we received from some of them, they will be releasing their first unblocked versions soon if everything will be in accordance with their plans. We believe that more io players will begin to play together with the realeases of the unblocked servers soon. Let us know what do you think about this game by leaving a comment to us.


  1. i am lagging so hard i can not stop lagging i never ever stop the lag cos every time when i play its always good and not lagging it was going smooth and running smooth it changed the points when people get killed on the game its the normal points when other players kill other worms its like i am going to get the points i just start boosting then i die i want the new skins that really aggresive my names Ethan i do play it so way more laggy it is like roblox lagging then it is like roblox is saying lost connection to server then that means it you will have to rejoin but then it will say error starting game then it will say please rejoin later it is dissapointing i know everthing about roblox and wormax to they are really fun games to play but i think will be better then roblox but it can go red ECO and internet and then it will probaly its like kinda good old connection i don,t know if it is true or not even tho it has to be really ready for the connection then i think it is better connection and do you like my idea of righting.i have finished.

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