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Play the Wormax


Most of the people were addicted to game however time changes and people are looking for some innovation in the game. When developers began to neglect the game, a new game named wormax emerged and it is stealing all of the players of You can also play wormax in order to feel the change in slitherio game that we began to get bored.


Let us explain what is wormax is about. Wormax is considered as the new which has much more and better features than the old version. First of all you have skills that you can use in wormax which will help you to trick other players and also save yourself from being eliminated. You can speed up by using the Q button or the left button of your mouse. In addition to this feature which is default in io games you have the chance to be invisible for a certain period of time. When you become invisible you will not be eliminated when you hit to other opponents with your head in wormax.


It is possible to stop your snake for a short time as well with another skill that you can use in wormax. In this way you will be able to trick the opponents who are willing to eliminate you and get your score. Sadly there is no any wormax hacks for now but they will be developed soon in the form of wormax mods. The rest of the mechanics are same with the game however the graphics are much more better as well as the skins that you use while playing wormax. We believe that you will have great time by playing this new game through your browsers on your computers.


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