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A Detailed Control Guide

Unlike what you have heard the controls are quite easy once you get use to them. There may be additional skills that you can use with your snake however your muscle memory can easily remember those and combine with your reflexes whenever you need them. To talk more about the controls let us give your the needed information about them such as you will have to use your mouse to give direction to your snake.

In addition to this you can use your spacebar, left button of your mouse or the Q button in order to speed up. The controls are limited with these. Once you will reach to certain size you will have two more skills to use with the W and E button. One of them (W) will make you stop as long as you push it and E button will make you become invisible. You will not be eliminated when you become invisible and will be able to pass through the other snakes. However these skills have limited time and long cooldown. This is why always be sure that you use them when you are in need.

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